The TB Academy is an initiative moderated by University Research Co., LLC (URC) which is comprised of a variety of courses, webinars and workshops produced by TB CARE II and other projects. Serving as a centralized learning hub, the TB Academy offers courses, webinars and workshops in multiple disciplines and for multiple audiences, whether you are a community health workers, nurse, doctor, program manager or National TB Program director. Courses and webinars are intended to provide a clear understanding on communicable diseases, infection control at the community level and at the health care settings and management of patients under community-based treatment. Additional webinars describe DR-TB treatment and management, digital technology for health and facility-based infection control. All courses have been developed based on guidelines and research papers published by the international public health standard agencies. As the TB Academy grows, additional courses, webinars and workshops will be added to this repository to improve access to high quality learning.



Establish a standard for Doctors, Nurses, and Community-based care providers, working with the management of patients with chronic communicable diseases


Capacity building through online certification courses and to create a repository for resources related to Infection Prevention and Control, TB, HIV, and other communicable diseases.

Recent Courses

Certification courses

Strengthening of TB and DM Screening In Health Care Facilities

This course aims to support integrating TB, HIV/AIDS, and diabetes services at primary care level...

Spinal tuberculosis: overview and early detection

Tuberculosis (TB) is a major threat to global health with an estimated one-third of the...

A Tuberculosis Refresher Course for Physicians

This course is intended as a refresher course for physicians (both in the public sector...