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This is a training course for health care workers (HCWs) tasked with TB control and management responsibilities at health care facility level. It is designed to prepare HCWs to plan and manage TB at health care facility level.

The purpose of this training is to equip health care workers with the necessary skills to successfully detect and manage all clients TB clients, including those co-infected with HIV.

Overall objectives of this training:

  • To increase participant’ knowledge of TB and its epidemiology
  • To educate participants about the National TB Control Programme (NTCP) in South Africa.
  • To capacitate health care workers with skills that will enable them to identify and manage all TB patients at facility level, including children and special cases.
  • To introduce participants to drug-resistant tuberculosis (DR-TB).

Modules covered in this training:

  1. History, Epidemiology of TB & National TB Control Programme
  2. TB Pathogenesis & Transmission
  3. TB Prevention
  4. Clinical Presentation of TB
  5. Diagnosis of TB
  6. TB Treatment, side effects & Adherence Counselling
  7. TB  and HIV
  8. Monitoring response to Treatment
  9. TB Medicine Management
  10. Drug-resistant TB
  11. Admission and  Discharge criteria
  12. Monitoring and Evaluation
  • The National Drug Policy (NDP) aims to improve access to health services
  • Effective pharmaceutical management is central to availability of medicine supplies
  • Effective TB medicine practices at facility level include:
    • Reliable medicine projections/orders
    • Safe storage conditions
    • Reliable record keeping
    • Reporting of stock balances
    • Supervision




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